Concorde Impex


Services We Offer

Concorde Impex is more than just an intermediary between you and your suppliers. We provide very effective value-added services in the production and procurement process. Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia are our leading suppliers where we have tied up with many local manufacturers who can customize products for us. All purchases come with clearance support and hassle-free doorstep delivery, thus saving a lot of money when you shop for furniture and accessories. We keep our clients up to date on the progress of their orders through WhatsApp and emails. We ship your orders and take care of all the necessary legal customs documents, clearances, and transportation to get the products delivered to your doorstep.

Pick-up & Packaging

Concorde Impex collects your goods, wherever the location is in Asian countries & inspects them before shipping. We make sure to follow the export packaging norms including wood packaging for all fragile items, and professionally load your container without damaging the merchandise.
We take care of all your paperwork!!
International import and shipping require numerous high complexity documents. Concorde Impex takes care of all the abstruse documents process on behalf of you.
Following documents are processed:
  • Bill of landing
  • Packaging list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of entry
  • Certificate of pest control treatment

Import Documents

Export Licenses

An export license is an authorization that a government of a country gives to ship a product internationally. Post determining whether your products or items require an export license or not, we prepare the license documents needed to legally ship your goods from any Asian country.
Before loading your cargo, we follow stringent container fumigation and phytosanitary certification process as per specific protocols, norms, and requirements. We ensure to disinfect your goods to prevent the transfer of parasites, worms, and bugs, depending on the type of cargo. In addition to it, we also guard them with moisture absorber strips that are specifically designed and formulated to absorb moisture that can cause mold, mildew, corrosion to the contents of shipping and storage containers.

Pest Control


Customs & Clearances

Our team takes care of your export customs clearance from Asian countries to India to ensure a safe and timely departure. Customs clearance includes preparing and submitting documentations required to facilitate export or imports into or out of the country. At any Asian international seaport, our team represents our client for customs assessments, examinations, payments of duties, and co-taking cargo delivery from customs after clearance.
Insurance is needed for many aspects of your import items via cargo. At Concorde Impex, we ensure all your goods are explicitly insured as per each country’s norms. This risk insurance is covered right from the country of origin till they arrive at your doorstep including the warehouse.



Money Management

It’s a tedious job to process all the invoices from the suppliers. The team at Concorde Impex offers money management services to our clients to complete the purchase transactions of their favorite imported furniture and decor products with ease. Our clients have the flexibility to do the entire transaction in Indian rupees.